Side Missions (2nd)

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Mission: Polyjuice Potion

When you’re outside, head to the Diffindo challenge. When you’re facing the Diffindo door, turn right and there is a wall with a lighting bolt shape. Cast on this wall and a chamber will open. Inside is a Lumos gargoyle. Cast on this. Now run up the stairs and turn right. Run straight until you hit a wall. Then turn to your right and part of the wall will be illuminated. Run through this part of the wall. At the top of the stairs, turn right and jump on what looks like a square, dark carpet. Face the castle and you will see a secret room open high up on the wall. If you run towards this room and look on the ground you will find a Spongify pad. Use this to access the room.

In the room with all the moving staircases, go to the ground floor. There are multiple Spongify pads in the center of the floor. Use the pad in the center to get a silver wizard card that is floating near the ceiling.

Finding the Boomslang Skin
When going to get the Boomslang skin, you will come across an area with a moving L-shaped platform. You will run across this platform and enter a room, and after casting Diffindo inside this room the platform will move. When you run across the platform again you will enter a second room. In this second room if you look on the floor you will see a tan-colored square. Cast Flipendo at the square, then run back across the L-shaped platform into the first room. Make the first right and you will run through a wall into a secret area with a silver wizard card.

When you reach the greenhouse where the Boomslang skin is kept, climb onto the roof and walk around. A good number of beans are hidden up there and you won't have another chance to get them.

Infiltrating the Slytherin Common Room
When you enter the Slytherin Common Room, turn to the right and follow this hall to the boy's dormitories. If you climb the stairs up to the dorms you will find a chest with beans. You must do this BEFORE you talk to Draco.

Don't bother buying Wiggentree bark for Wiggenweld Potions because you'll get a lot of it for free in the Diffindo Challenge.


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