Forbidden Forest (4th)

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Forbidden Forest Hints

When you return to the forest after you have beaten the level, you’ll start in a save game circle. There will be 3 paths you can take. Take the one to your left and follow it over the 2 stone bridges. When you reach the end of the second bridge, there will be two paths you can take, one leading north and one leading south.

North Path -- If you follow the north path, it will lead you to a clearing where you will have to fight a Blast-ended Skrewt. There is a cave with 3 Bubotubers in front of it. Behind those bubotubers there is a shield and a dragon statue.

There is also a row of plants that you can cast herbivicus on to create plants for you to walk on. This plant path will lead to another clearing where you will fight another skrewt. But be careful, because near the top of the path you will be attacked by vampyr mosps. Once in the clearing with the skrewt more mosps will attack you. There is another shield up here.

Fighting both skrewts is a great way to level up, especially if you use Ducklifors. To cast ducklifors, have one character cast aqua eructo while you jinx it. The jinx will come out as ducklifors.

South Path -- Follow this path until you see 3 bubotubers in a line. You are traveling backward through the level, and you will almost be at the beginning before you reach this area. Beyond the bubotubers there should be a stump, and to the right of the stump there will be 1 bubotuber by itself. Fling this bubotuber at a large patch of mushrooms on the right, and beyond them there is a secret clearing. In this clearing there is one dragon statue on the left of the Hungarian Horntail, behind a patch of mushrooms.

There are also three shields. One is straight in front of you when you enter the clearing. It is behind some mushrooms. One shield is on your left when you first enter, also behind mushrooms. The third is on top of the dragon’s cage. You will have to use herbivicus to reach this one. Again, beware of the vampyr mosps.

Once you have already beaten the level, go through the ruins. When you cross over the fallen log there will be two paths. The path to the left leads to the skrewt you’ve already beaten. It is now blocked off. Take the path to the right and it will lead you to another skrewt and another shield. Beware of the mosps!

When you’re near the end of the level, close to the stone fence, there is a large block. This block can be used to access a floating shield hidden in a clearing. To find this clearing, carry the block backward through the level until you reach a large area of mushrooms. Cross these mushrooms and turn left. The clearing should be there. It also contains a pumpkin pastie and a herbivicus flower.

Remember to cast herbivicus on all of the buds that you come to so you can get beans.

The third path mentioned, which leads north from the save game circle, leads to the end of the level.