Challenges (2nd)

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Rictusempra, Skurge, & Diffindo Hints

Rictusempra Challenge
The second room contains a fire crab and a square with two footprints. Knock the fire crab into a hole at the other end of the room and the square with footprints will lift you. Turn right and you will see a ledge with a chest.

In the 3rd room, hit every fire crab with Rictusempra, then use Flipendo to knock it into its cage until the door closes. A chest will come down from the ceiling.

After the 1st save game book, cast Alohamora on Lockhart’s picture to find a secret room. In the next room put the two fire crabs into their holes in the wall. The walls will become stairs. Climb the left stairs and go to the picture of Lockhart. Cast at it, then cast Lumos at the gargoyle. Then turn left to find the room. Then climb the right set of stairs. When you get to the challenge star, go straight to the wall you are facing and there is a Flipendo sign high up on the wall. This will open a secret room that contains a chest.

In the room with the pictures of Lockhart that you have to line up, go in both rooms on the side, step on the square with the footprints, and a star will come down from the ceiling in the main room.

In the last room, stun every fire crab and put them all in the big hole in the center of the room. Then jump in with them. You will see a picture of Lockhart. Cast at this, then follow the stairs until you see another picture of Lockhart. Cast at this picture to find a chest. Then continue to follow the stairs and you will find a star.

Skurge Challenge
After battling Peeves, walk through that room and cast at the dragon statue. Go back into the previous room and turn right. Follow the small ledge and you will find a challenge star.

In room where Flitwick introduces Cornish Pixies, run back the way you came and at the bottom of the stairs there will be a gargoyle. Cast at this gargoyle, then run back into the Pixie room. Cast at the blue painting and inside this secret room you will find a challenge star.

Right after this room, jump on the swinging thing without removing the ectoplasm. Look straight ahead and you will see a symbol. Cast at this symbol, turn and run towards the wall. On your right there will be a secret room with a wizard card.

Right after the room with the big see-saw, go through the hall to the Lumos gargoyle. Cast at it, then run down the stairs. You will see an illuminated block above the stairs. Climb on this and cast Alohamora at the top of the wall to unlock a secret room.

Diffindo Challenge
Be sure to cast Diffindo at all Botruckles to turn them into wood to use for Wiggenweld Potion.

Remember, if on your second time through a challenge you beat your first score, then your house will earn more house points, so the first time you play any challenge, go slowly, unlocking all of its secrets. Don’t worry about your time. Then go through a second time and only go to the areas you know have stars (most chests and things won’t give you more beans). This is a great way to beat the other houses at the House Point Ceremony, and to earn a trip to the Bean Bonus Room.

In rooms with creatures, it saves time to take out the creatures first rather than fighting them as you go. It also saves stamina.