Spongify Challenge (2nd)

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Spongify Challenge Hints

Spongify Challenge
In the 1st room, put the gnomes into the gnome hole and run to the room at the bottom of the stairs. Cast at the gargoyle, then climb up to where you began and cast at the Spongify pad. Jump on this and go up to the ledge. Turn right and you will see an illuminated block to jump on and a secret room with a chest.

In the 2nd room, throw both the imp and the gnome into gnome holes. Then look on the left side of the room and you will see a secret room open.

In the 3rd room, don’t use the Spongify pad to jump across, but instead turn left and follow the ledge. At the end of the ledge you will find another Spongify pad. Use this to jump to the opposite end of the room, turn left, and cast at the wall. A star is hidden there.

In the 4th room there are three imps. Climb on the small block and turn left towards a gargoyle. Cast at it, then run behind where the big block was originally and you will see a secret room.

In the 5th room, put each fire crab in a hole. A secret room will open in the floor. Don’t use the Spongify pad on the floor in this room, but climb back up to the first pad and use it.

In the 6th room, the room with the big raised area and the pixies, turn right and run until you fall to the lower level. Turn left and cast at the symbol on the wall, then at the gargoyle. Then climb back up to the first level and run until you reach the wall. There is a Spongify pad on the floor. Use this. On top of the raised level you will see an illuminated Spongify pad. This one will shoot you onto a ledge. When facing the window, turn right and follow the ledge until you see a lightning bolt shape and cast at it to open a secret room.

In the room with three columns, each with a Spongify pad on top (it has lots of paintings and a save game book at the exit), use the Spongify pads until you reach this room’s exit. Then jump down a level and you will see a gargoyle. Cast at it, turn around, and you will see illuminated blocks. When standing on the second block, turn left and cast at the symbol on the second column, then follow the blocks down to a secret room. This room contains a Spongify pad that will lead you to another secret room.

When you reach a room with a vertical bridge and a column with footprints, jump on the footprints and ride this column down. Turn left and cast at the symbol on the wall, then walk through the area that opens to find a star.

In the last room, the one right after the two moving hammers, walk through this room, ignoring the spider above you, and use the Spongify pad to spring towards the final challenge star, but DO NOT TOUCH THIS STAR. Cast at a symbol above the star, then use the Spongify pad to spring into hall above where you just came from. Follow this hall and you will find two secret rooms. Jump across the spiderweb to the higher room to get a chest. CAREFULLY Rictusempra the spider without breaking the web, then jump on the web and walk into the lower room. After getting the chest from inside this room, break the web and go back to the final Challenge Star.

When you’re in the Diffindo challenge, release gnomes in rooms where there are poisonous mushrooms. The gnomes will turn the mushrooms into beans. When all the mushrooms are changed, throw the gnomes into the gnome holes and gather the beans. (This works in any place where there are gnomes and mushrooms, not just in this challenge.)