Prisoner of Azkaban (3rd)

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Prisoner of Azkaban Hints

Lapifors/Draconifors Challenge
When you are using the Lapifor rabbit, whenever you enter a room with tufts of grass, eat the grass to turn it into wizard treats.

When you enter the second room with a dragon in it, there will be an L-shaped platform. Use the dragon to fly under the platform to get a cauldron cake. When you are finished with the dragon, jump off this platform and cast at the pumpkins in the room. There is a wizard card in the center pumpkin, and there is a Spongify pad next to this pumpkin.

In the room where you use the dragon to release hammers to push blocks out from the wall for Hermione to climb on, there is spot where there is a rabbit statue. When you're finished with the rabbit it will rotate to reveal a dragon statue. After you're finished with the dragon statue, a suit of armor will appear. Cast at this suit of armor and it will reveal a hole in the floor for you to jump through. This leads to a room with LOTS of imps. Once you've gotten rid of the imps, search through the grass for treats. There is also a chest near the back of the room.

Glacious Challenge
This challenge cannot be beaten by playing it only once. Play i once taking all the left turns and once playing all the right turns. This is the only way to get all the cards and shields.

Cast at every banner in this challenge. Banners are usually located at the target you cast the glacious spell on. Banners always give wizard treats, but they can also open secret areas.

When you first walk outside of Hogwarts Castle, there is a fountain with a roof and four birds on it (one bird on each corner). Cast at each bird and the water will drain out of the fountain, revealing a Spongify pad. Use this pad to access a secret room. In this secret room, cast at both cabinets for wizard treats. Then cast at the tapestry to find another secret room. Inside this room is a wizard card and lots of imps.

Inside the Whomping Willow
When Harry falls through the floor, Hermione will enter a room with a dragon statue. Fly the dragon to the left wall and you will find a stand for the dragon to blow fire on. Let the dragon drop down from this (while facing the wall) and you will find a room with tons of beans. Fly to the top of this room to find a cauldron cake.

Portrait Passwords
In the Bertie Bott's portrait room, cast at the two chairs and the painting to unlock the real treasure room.

Outside, with your back to the castle doors, if you run to the open area on the right, you will find an open courtyard.  In this courtyard there are four raised stone shapes, each with a different house mascot on it.  Run down the steps that are slightly to the right, and you will find a large, square platform.  If you step on this platform then on the wall in front of you there will appear a picture of one of the four mascots as well as a timer.  As soon as the timer appears, run to the symbol that has appeared and cast at it, then run back and step on the platform again.  A new symbol will appear, and you will have to repeat the process until you have cast at all four symbols.  If you do this before the timer runs out, you will receive a wizard card.

The first symbol to appear is the Ravenclaw symbol.  To find this symbol, while facing the wall, turn right and run up the stairs.  Turn right, run down the stairs, then immediately turn left.  The symbol is slightly behind the hedge.  After casting, while facing the symbol, turn left and run around the hedges back to the platform.

The second symbol will be the Slytherin symbol.  While facing the wall, turn left and run through the hedges, then immediately turn left and run to where the two benches meet.  The symbol is on the ground.  YOU MUST CAST AT THE SYMBOL; JUMPING ON IT WILL NOT WORK.

The third symbol will be the Gryffindor symbol.  While facing the wall, turn left, then right around the corner of the wall, then right again.  The symbol will be on the wall.

The last symbol is the Hufflepuff symbol.  While facing the wall, turn right, run up the stairs, and the symbol will be right in front of you one the wall.  Be sure and run back to the platform and step on it again to get the card.

When you are heading to Care of Magical Creatures, stop by Hagrid’s hut. Cast at the pumpkins in his pumpkin patch and they will give you wizard sweets. Use a combined cast on the scarecrow to earn some cauldron cakes.

In Fred & George's shop use your wizard sweets to buy portrait passwords rather than wizard cards. The rooms these passwords unlock will give you plenty of beans to purchase all of these cards.

If at the end of the game you are missing cards, check the portrait rooms first. This is usually where they're hiding.