Order of the Phoenix (5th)

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Order of the Phoenix

Talking Gargoyle Locations

  • In the courtyard where Dean is standing.
  • The spiral staircase when you walk up to DADA.
  • In the Viaduct.
  • The fourth floor outside in the balcony.
  • In the Paved Courtyard (where Colin and the path to the boathouse are). You must repair the broken staircase in the corner. It is at the end of the balcony in the corner.

Luna's Lost Belongings

  • In the Entrance Courtyard. Use Wingardium Leviosa on the broom and sweep the leaves on the right side of the courtyard.
  • In the Great hall on the first table on the left next to the 3rd person.
  • In the Viaduct Entrance in front on the bookcase next to the stuttering portrait.
  • In the Clock Tower Courtyard directly in front of the Fountain.
  • In the Library on the table.

Fred and George Packages

  • In the library behind the center bookshelf at the end of the table where students are playing chess. Cast depulso to move the bookshelf sideways.
  • On a ledge near Colin's camera.
  • On the dirt path leading from the Entrance Hall to the boathouse.
  • At the bottom of the stairs leading from the boathouse up to the castle.
  • In the large plant in the center of the Stone Circle. (Cast depulso on the plant and the package will fall out.)
  • In two plants just beyond Hagrid's hut.
  • In the large plant right before the clearing where Luna feeds the Thestrals.

Exploding Snap (Patience)
(located at the end of the hall at the top of the clock tower)

This game is fast-paced, but there's a hint to make it easier -- all the cards have a color, and a card's match is always the same color. Some color groups have fewer cards and are therefore easier to match up. Try to match up all the silver cards first, then all the yellow, then the bronze, then the gold. This is a great, easy strategy to help you beat this part of the game fast.

How to get the Daily Prophet

(Library Portrait Quest)

Go to the Great Hall and run to the staff table. Turn to the owl-shaped podium (where Dumbledore stands to speak) and cast accio at it. Hedwig will fly in and drop a copy of the paper on the second table from the right. Run to the paper and press enter and Harry will read the headline. Then return to the library portrait and speak to it.

How to Get a Slytherin to Help You
(Dungeon Corridor Portrait Quest)

In the dungeon corridor is a nasty portrait who will tell you to get a Slytherin to tell you the password. After you have spoken to her, go to the Gryffindor common room and put on Harry's invisibility cloak. If you go to the dungeon corridor you will see two Slytherins talking. They will use the password to enter the portrait. Return the invisibility cloak to the common room, then come back to the dungeon and speak to the portrait again.

Stone Bridge
When you are standing in the middle of the stone bridge, turn to the left and walk to the door. Climb up on the side of the bridge and you will see a drainpipe. Slide down this pipe and walk across the ledge to the right and slide down the next pipe. When you reach the bottom, walk to the left. You will discover one of the flying creatures of Hogwarts -- bats -- under the bridge.

Hold down the Shift key and press S (or the down arrow key) when climbing and you will be able to slide down (sliding is a lot faster than climbing). Shift also interrupts characters when they are speaking.

Any time you see a mop on the floor, cast wingardium leviosa at it. Take the mop over to a puddle and hold the mop over it. The mop will start cleaning and you will earn discovery points. Be sure to clean all the puddles you find, because each puddle will give you discovery points, even if there's nothing under it to find. Also, you must finish all the "Clean Up Hogwarts" tasks to unlock a trophy in the room of rewards.

Remember, keep casting spells at every object that lights up. Discovery points are hidden almost everywhere (in lights and rugs, for example), you just need to find the right spell to unlock them.