Sorcerer's Stone (1st)

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Sorcerer's Stone Cheats and Hints


Broomstick Training -- In broomstick training, fly up towards the large Hogwarts’ seal opposite Madame Hooch. The seal will open. Inside there are four beans and a wizard card.

Hagrid's Hut -- When you are going to see Hagrid, right before you come into the clearing in front of his house, there will be a sort of stone archway with three orange snails under it. Cast Flipendo at each of the snails and when they are each stunned the game will show you a piece of ground raise up toward some spikey bushes. Climb up, cast at these bushes, then follow the path to a wizard card.

In this same area (right after the three snails), turn right and you will see a bunch of spikey bushes. Cast at them all and you will find a chest, and on the left you will find a secret cave. Follow the path to a wizard card.

Fire Seeds -- When you are searching for fire seeds, you will come out of the first cave and see water on the left. On the right there are some ledges for you to jump on. Follow these ledges and you will come to a cavern with a tree stump on the floor. Walk through this room, turn left, and jump down. There will be two ledges. Follow them down to a secret cave where you will find a wizard card.

Putting Fluffy to Sleep -- When putting Fluffy to sleep, certain heads stay asleep longer than other heads. Put to sleep the head on the right first, then the head on the left, and the head in the middle last. The right head sleeps longest, and the center head wakes the soonest, so this order should help you.

Defeating Quirrel/Voldemort -- When Quirrel/Voldemort starts casting spells at you, run behind the large columns. Wait for Voldemort to walk behind one, then cast Flipendo at it. This will knock the column on Voldemort, reducing his stamina. Do this with all of the columns except the last one, which will explode. Once they are all gone, quickly get behind the Mirror of Erised. When Voldemort casts at you, turn the mirror using Flipendo. This will reflect the spell back at him, each time depleting his stamina.



During play, type the following cheats:
harrygetsfullhealth -- Harry is fully healed
harrynormaljump -- Harry jumps far
harrysuperjump -- Harry jumps very far

The following cheats are more advanced and may take some practice to master. They will NOT alter your game files permanently.

Whenever you are given a goal (such as "Attend Charms Class") or after a saved game book, type "harrydebugmodeon." Debug mode is on if you see words in green at the top of the screen. Once it is turned on, press SHIFT and ~ at the same time. A box will appear with a space where you can type the cheat commands. Type "set engine.playerpawn bcheatsenabled true" to turn on the cheats. Any time you decide to enter a cheat, press the ~ key to bring up this box, and press ~ to close it as well. Press F7 to turn off Debug Mode.

Fly -- will make Harry fly. Press Ctrl to make him go higher.
Ghost -- lets Harry walk through walls.
Walk -- turns off "Fly" and "Ghost."
givebeans # -- gives you whatever number of beans you enter.
giveseeds # -- gives you whatever number of fireseeds you enter.
giveallcards -- gives you all the cards except the last one.
givehousepoints # -- gives you whatever number of house points you enter. (This cheat isn't really helpful because the other houses will also gain
house points, so whoever is in the lead will remain in the lead.)

With Debug Mode on, go to the main menu. In the bottom left corner you will be able to select whatever level you would like to play, regardless of how far you have advanced through the game.

Be sure to cast Flipendo on all the gold pots. Cast twice (at least) on all suits of armor.

Check every painting and mirror by casting at it. This is the best way to find secret rooms. Bookshelves are also great things to check.

When Snape send you to get potion ingredients, the ingredients are for Polyjuice Potion. This is the potion you learn in his class the very next year, only with fewer ingredients!