Beginning & Hogwart's Grounds (2nd)

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Beginning & Hogwarts Grounds


When you first start the game:

When you come to the first save game book (while you’re saving Ron from the Whomping Willow) there is a fountain. Cast Flipendo on this fountain to gain beans.

After you get past the second tree branch there is a chest. Beside the chest there is a lighting bolt shape on the wall. Cast Alohamora to open a secret room.

After saving Ron, when you reach the top of the stairs, turn right. Cast Alohamora on the door and it will open to a room with a chest.

After you have jumped off of the ledge outside, there is a chest on your right. After getting beans from this chest, look up and there will be two banners. Cast Alohamora at both of these banners and a room will open to your left.

You can get beans from all the outside statues and chests after saving Ron, and again the next morning (or any later time in the game).

Hogwarts Grounds
Cast at all of the statues and pots in the Hogwarts grounds because all of them contain beans. Inside the castle, be sure and cast at every mirror, suit of armor, and picture frame. Most of these contain beans or secret rooms. Some of these are blocked by spider webs, so you will have to unlock them after you have learned Diffendo.When facing the front door of Hogwarts, turn left. Follow the path until you see a wall with a symbol on it. Cast Alohamora on this symbol and it will unlock a secret room that leads to a second secret room that is full of beans.

 When you’re outside, head to the Diffindo challenge. When you’re facing the Diffindo door, turn right and there is a wall with a lighting bolt shape. Cast on this wall and a chamber will open. Inside is a Lumos gargoyle. Cast on this. Now run up the stairs and turn right. Run straight until you hit a wall. Then turn to your right and part of the wall will be illuminated. Run through this part of the wall. At the top of the stairs, turn right and jump on what looks like a square, dark carpet. Face the castle and you will see a secret room open high up on the wall. If you run towards this room and look on the ground you will find a Spongify pad. Use this to access the room.

In the room with all the moving staircases, go to the ground floor. There are multiple Spongify pads in the center of the floor. Use the pad in the center to get a silver wizard card that is floating very high near the ceiling.

When given the chance, always buy bronze wizard cards first. Once you have ten of these cards you will gain another lightning bolt of stamina. You can gain five lightning bolts from cards (you will have a total of six including the original one).

When you're outside, visit Hagrid's hut to find beans. There is also a wizard card on a tree stump in the pig pen.

After the Spongify Challenge when you are going to Hagrid's hut, almost all of the cheats in the grounds have been restored, so do all of the outside secrets again. However, this only works if you do it BEFORE entering the Forbidden Forest.