Vanishing Cards (4th)

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Vanishing Card Hints

Hogwarts Exterior – From the starting point, run down the first set of stairs and turn to the left. Beyond the 3 blocks, turn right and there is a path leading downward. The card should be at the end of this path.

Forbidden Forest – After you’ve beaten the level, from the save game circle, take the north path. Get rid of the first poisonous mushrooms you encounter and the card should be waiting. *In this same cluster of mushrooms there is also one of the mushrooms that you must jinx to gain a quest card.

Prefects’ Bathroom – After you’ve beaten the level, starting in the save game circle, turn left. You’ll have to pull down a drawbridge. If you keep running straight you will encounter two salamanders. Run past these and pull down the second drawbridge. The card will be between two fish statues.

Herbology – After you’ve beaten the level, starting from the save game circle, run up the stairs and across the path. Follow this path until you reach herbivicus flowers. Follow the flower path until you reach the pond below. Cross the pond using the flowers and herbivicus. Head to the southeast corner of the room, where there is a giant herbivicus flower. The card is behind the flower. *There is also a dragon statue and a shovel in this area behind the flower. You need to jinx both of these to gain a quest card.

Moody’s Challenge – In the exploding cauldrons challenge, break down the first wall directly in front of you. Run around the wall (you can’t run through it even after the wall has been broken) and the card will be there.

Remember that Vanishing Cards disappear very quickly. It may take a few tries before you are able to get them all.

You get a card for each creature, plus one for each spell you can cast on it. If you select a spell card and turn it over, on the back there will be directions for how to cast that spell against that creature.

If you earn all the cards in this game, you will unlock a bonus movie about how the game was made!