Tasks & Voldemort (4th)

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Triwizard Tasks & Defeating Voldemort

*Whatever cards you had equiped before entering a task will be the cards you have when you play the task. 

The 1st Task-The Dragon

When you start flying from the dragon avoid hitting the ground, rocks, bushes, and water because you lose stamina.

The red circles are beans. Red beans improve your score. Collecting these beans is more important than your time.

The blue circles are there to help you speed up. You might not want to use these at first because it is hard to see and control where you are going.

The 2nd Task-The Lake

The red circles underwater are beans. Again, these greatly improve your score. Collecting these should be your main goal.

The green thing that floats in front of you when you swim is gillyweed. This allows you to speed up, but it doesn’t improve your stamina.

The 3rd Task-The Maze

When you first enter the maze, go north until you reach the 4th left. Follow this path to the first left and go south until you reach a wall. Turn left and head north and follow this path to the left until the first right. Follow this path and it will turn right. Stay on this path until the first path leading north. Take this path and turn at the first right, then turn at the second left and keep following it until Cedric jumps out of a hedge.

When the bush starts attacking you turn right at the first turn, left at the second, and right at the third and fourth turns. If you follow these directions you will avoid most of the pointed plants that slow you down and drain your stamina.

When Cedric is stuck to the bush and you have to fight the Blast-ended Skrewts, stand in front of the wall (bush) and let it run at you, then move quickly out of the way. It should be stunned if it hits the wall. If it is, jinx it until it is gone. It is fastest if you cast at the skrewt while standing behind it.

Defeating Voldemort -- When you first get to the graveyard you have to fight Skeletons that Voldemort raises. The best way to get rid of them is to jinx them, but you can also cast Wingardium Leviosa to throw them. You can drop them on one another, too.

After you fight off most of the skeletons Voldemort will pick up a Grim Reaper statue and try to drop it on you. The 3rd time he drops it the statue it will get stuck in the ground for a few seconds so move the energy ball over it and it will knock off one of the wings. Do that 2 more times and the statue will break and you win.

One trick I use when fighting Voldemort's skeletons is that I run to the bottom right corner of the screen and stand behind the tombstones there. The tombstones protect you from the things the skeletons throw, and with your back in a corner no skeletons can sneek up on you.